About Gadung

What does the name Gadung mean?

  • Gadung is a unique musical instrument that has captured the attention of many music enthusiasts. But what does the name Gadung mean? Interestingly, the name Gadung is not so much about its meaning, but rather a reflection of the sound of the instrument and the impact it often has on people.
  • The letter ‘G’ in Gadung can also have a different timbre depending on the language or dialect it is pronounced in. I believe that these differences in timbre represent the unique sounds that the instrument produces when played by different people.
  • So, while there may not be a clear definition to the name Gadung, it is a symbol of the instrument’s ability to produce a wide range of sounds that captivate and inspire.

Who makes the Gadung?

  • You may be wondering, “Who makes the Gadung?” Well, let me introduce you to the man behind the instrument: Jorik de Beer. Jorik was the first handpan builder in the Netherlands to start making the Gadung back in 2012. From a young age, Jorik had a passion for music and played keyboard in a band. This led him to study Music Technology in the Netherlands, where he discovered the creative and technical aspects of composing music and making sound recordings.
  • After working for Radio and Television for 12 years as a Senior Sound Engineer, Jorik switched to the theater industry. Then he worked for the National Opera and Ballet in Amsterdam. It was during this time, around 2010, that Jorik discovered the Hang through the internet. He was immediately drawn to its minimalistic and intriguing design and wondered what the instrument would sound like in real life. When he finally heard the Hang, he was deeply touched by its sound, and his handpan quest began.
  • This journey eventually led Jorik to become a builder of the Gadung. His background in music and sound engineering has given him a unique perspective on creating handpans with exceptional tonal qualities. Today, Jorik continues to make the Gadung, sharing his passion for music and craftsmanship with others around the world.